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This page shows the data of weather in Seville, now.


- Current Conditions in Seville -

Sereno, temperature of 34,1°C, bajando a trend off -0,9°C/hr, the difference with the last hour is -1,3°C and with a apparent temperature of 34,1°C.
Humidity of 33% which together with the current temperature indicates a dew point 15,6°C.
The barometer shows a pressure of 1011,41, Diminuzione with a tendency of -0,12 hPa/hr, the wind speed is 11,3 km/h direction S and a wind gust 19,3 km/h.
Temperatura minima 25,6°C alle 08:11, maximum temperature 37,3°C alle 19:08 and average temperature of 30,2°C.
Report produced alle 20:43.
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