No particular awareness of the weather is required.   -   There are no Weather-warnings


This page shows a summary of weather data in Seville from 00:00 hours, yesterday, local time.

The yesterday data .
Temperature / Humidity
Maximum Temperature °C
Minimum Temperature °C
Average Temperature °C
Temperature Range °C
High Dew Point °C
Low Dew Point °C
Heat Index °C
Wind Chill °C
High Apparent Temperature °C
Low Apparent Temperature °C
High Humidity %
Low Humidity %
Rainfall Yesterday mm
High Hourly Rainfall mm
High Rainfall Rate mm/hr
High Wind Gust km/h
High Wind km/h
Dominant Wind Direction -
High Pressure hPa
Low Pressure hPa
Other data of interest
Heating Degree Days
Cooling Degree Days
Solar Radiation W/m2
Hours of sunshine